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for the america's club in san francisco bay. artimus basis says the front of its catamoran was badly damaged. coming up tonight at 10:30, san francisco's civic center transformed. the sport event generating a lot of money for the city and also a little controversy. >>> happening now, firefighters are reporting progress on their efforts to contain a wildfire near clear lake. the so called 29 fire started just before 3:00 this afternoon along highway 29 above a street in the community of lower lake. calfire say it is fire has burned 300 acres and there are mandatory evacuations tonight for the mercy spring subdivision. the fire has also downed some power lines. calfire says right now the fire is only 20% contained. but if there is some good news is that crews say they have managed to halt the forward spread of the fire. at this point there are no reports of any injuries. >>> firefighters near santa barbara say a fire burning near the hills there is fully contained. the fire burned near some homes yesterday but that is no longer the case. firefighters said they are confidence the flames will no
after it capsized in the churning waters of san francisco bay this afternoon. healther holmes has been tracking the effort to retrieve the boat. she's live at pier 80. you spoke to the skipper who was on board when that capsized. >> some very scary moments for the skipper and his crew. his team today did something he never thought it would do, capsize a massive ac 72. this is a devastating blow. he's still predicting an america's cup victory. rattled but not defeated, oracle team usa skipper talked about the spectacular flip the cat ma ran took in san francisco bay this afternoon. >> we nose dived and capsized the boat. we done the exact same turn previously. >> reporter: the support boat attempted to retrieve the vessel. >> there was a very big tide today. quickly took us out under the bridge and offshore. >> reporter: the disabled vessel is finally being towed to pier 80. the platform appears to be in good shape, but the wing is destroyed. a devastating blow, but not the end. >> this will be a big test for this team. but i've seen this team in similar situation in the past campaign b
2 news. >>> happening now, crews with the san francisco puc are working on treasure island to fix a water main break. happened around 7:00 tonight right in front of the main great on the island. it appears that most of treasure island is without water service at this time. we're talked to a puc spokesperson about 30 minutes ago and he said it is not clear how long it'll take to fix the break or how long the water service is going to be done. >> the alameda police have arrested the arrest of two teenager for the murder of a woman. one has been identified cody natosha and other is a 16-year- old. detectives say they left after the killing, had lunch, then returned to the home and set it on fire. >> later on that evening they realized there was a dead body in this home and they may have left some evidence behind. >> the two suspects appeared in court but did not enter pleas. both teenagers are being tried as adults. >>> the fire started in a home in andover street and quickly spread to a neighbor's house causing nearly half a million dollars in damage. 16 people were displaced. one w
>>> the san francisco giants return home bringing the world series championship trophy back to the bay. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hundreds welcomed home the san francisco giants and continue to celebrate the sweep of detroit and second championship in three years. amber lee is back in the mission where she covered last night's spontaneous celebration. we begin at the ballpark with ken wayne and the return of the conquering heros, ken. >> julie, giants players and fans kind of have that feeling you get after a wild roller coaster ride. a little woozy but still exhilarated. >> world series mvp pablo sandoval emerged with a world series trophy and handed it to sergio romo to show it to the hundreds of fans waiting outside. >> we're on the way back. >> a little different team, they didn't want to go home, and i don't know if they hated losing as much as they wanted to win. >> we have a lot of the same guys, i think we can yeah. >> many players were obviously tired as was the staff. >> they got back to the hotel, about 3:30 and i did not
. >> hello san francisco! >> the president addresses supporters in san francisco tonight after a star studded concert fundraiser. good evening everybody. >> the president took to the stage just 30 minutes ago at the packed stadium. he is expected to race millions of dollars in campaign cash. happening now, heather holmes is live outside the event with the reception he has received in the city. heather. >> reporter: the president just wrapped up the remarks. he spoke to the crowd for about 30 minutes. if you take a look you can see people are beginning to file out. while most were on their feet when john legend was preforming they erupted when the president took to the stage and he calls on them to continue their support and the final 29 days of this campaign. >> we are here because we have work to do. we are here because we have the election to win. we are here because everything we fought for since 2008 is onto line in 2012. i'm going need your help to finish what we started. >> obama. we love you. >> the excitement was high. the line long outside the center outside the 6,000 peo
>>> should he stay or should he go. happening now san francisco's board of supervisors poised to vote on the future of san francisco's suspended sheriff. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the vote on suspended sheriff is coming to an end tonight finally. we begin with heather holmes who's been listening to the proceedings that are now on their 11th hour. >> reporter: frank i just came down from the second floor here at city hall and i can now tell you that we are minutes away from a decision in this headline grabbing case. right now each of the supervisors is stating on the record how he or she will vote. and right before i came down here it was one in favor of ousting ross mirkarimi, one against. all of this coming after supervisors heard from people and from attorneys on both sides of this case. >> the sheriff's misconduct was really quite serious. >> reporter: sherry kaiser told the supervisors tonight that their decision was easy. and that his guilty plea to misdemeanor. >> to protect victims of domestic violence. >> reporter: but mirkarimi's att
of oakland, 39-year-old shukin cai of san francisco and laikuan liang of alameda. they are suspected of growing marijuana. they also seized cash and marijuana that had already been processed. >>> happening now authorities have surrounded a home in hollister where a man who's a friend of a woman who went missing has barricaded himself inside. police say heather carol was last seen friday morning after dropping off her daughter in school. the next day, carol's suv was found burned on the side of the road. it's not known if she is in the home. officers say the man play be armed. >>> firefighters in san francisco are remaining on the scene of a four alarm fire that destroyed a popular restaurant right in the heart of the portal restaurant. the fire started in the squat and gobble cafe just across the street from a busy muni tunnel. the fire then quickly spread to a wine bar and orthodon to the best -- orthodontist office. >> he treats his store like his babies. he has to do it right. >> it took six hours to control that fire. the cause is under investigation but authorities say there a
francisco. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> san francisco police arrested about 20 protesters tonight after demonstrators took over a vacant building in the heart of the castro. ktvu's ken wayne is standing by live in the 500 block of castro street, and tells us, police closed off the busy street. >> reporter: castro street has returned to normal, but police officers are still wrapping up their investigation after a somewhat chaotic scene following a protest by the group homes not jails. san francisco police didn't wait long before storming through the front door of the two story vacant building. two dozen protesters entered the building to call attention to the plight of the homeless. we talked to the protesters as they prepared for a long night of camping out. >> this one has been off the market for about seven years. >> reporter: police moved in after they say protesters started causing damage to the building and dropping items from the roof. >> police noted that several doors have been broken. locks damaged. >> reporter: police say one woman suffered an ankle in
. we have rough spots in san francisco for many years in the early years. didn't blame it on anybody else. you look at the year he passed 15 wins. huge performance tonight defining performance for us. couldn't be happier for him. >> a little punt down the third baseline. right play and another run for the giants. >> got it done on the mound and the plate. he played brilliantly. >> i came here down 2-1. got it done. let's go home. let's go to detroit . >> reporter: we're told the team wasted no time getting out of here. already wheels up on their charter headed back to san francisco to meet the cardinals again on their own turf. for them, the st. louis arch may well be the gateway to the world series. let's check in with noel walker in san francisco. >> reporter: we could probably do aerobics here right now. the place is quiet at the moment. about an hour and a half ago, this place, you couldn't get a seat. >>> and that's how the game ended. but the post season didn't. >> they are bringing it home. they bringing it home . >> fans were glued to the tvs watching every pitch, every out,
from pablo sandoval propel the san francisco giants to victory in game 1 of the world series. good evening, and welcome back to the expanded version of the 10:00 news. >> giant fans are going home happy tonight, after the home team defeated the detroit tigers 8-3, to take the first game of the 2012 world series, and the star of the game, pablo sandoval. three home runs, a ties a team record. first, we're going to check in with our crews outside the ballpark, to see what the fans are up to now. we begin with ktvu's ken pritchett. >> reporter: it's fairly quiet where we are right now outside of at&t park. most of the fans have left the area around the ballpark. look around the street at the restaurant, a lot of fans still celebrating this victory tonight, earlier just after the game, fans were cheering as they poured out of at&t park. high fives, and celebration after a victory in game 1 of the world series. all of the fans that we talked to agreed on what was the highlight of this game. >> sandoval, he came through huge. he did his thing. he represented. oh, my god. >> he saw him hi
they felt authorities charged him prematurely. >>> san francisco's roman catholic community welcomed its new leader today. salvatore cordiolone was installed as new arch bishop. the new arch bishop's move is short in distance but large in significance. >> reporter: the final prayer in what is the beginning of a new chapter for the san francisco diocese. >> it's a blessing for the church. >> reporter: the most reverend salvadore cordeleone is now the arch bishop. >> it was very beautiful and i'm very excited about him being the average bishop. >> i think that's part of his job is to reach out. >> reporter: the question is, will he? cardilioni has a strong defender on the catholic church's opposition of the same- sex ban. >> this is signaling excitement rather than anger in the catholic church. >> reporter: the vatican's appointment of codilioni to san francisco is interested in a smaller purer church. >> it may be that the church is signaling not so much interest in holding on to people that are already struggling with some of those teachings. but a willingness maybe to even let them go. >> r
. you have to have a special ticket to get in. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well need less to say for giants fans, this is the best start for the world series. our mark ibanez is there where madison gartner came out on top. >> reporter: i don't know if bruce bochy gets any credit. but boy, his choice of madison baumgartner was great tonight. young shot to the corner. blanco, scutero the sweeping tag of prince fielder. you can take a look at all the -- you want. bases loaded, nobody out for the giants and they were able to score the first run of the game when brandon crawford hit a very typical double playgrounder. not what he had in mind but you know what they're playing in double play depth and the giants able to get a run. hunter pence, he's the one that started the rally. and hunter pence is the guy who delivered with a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 8th inning. the second run under pence starting to swing the bat a little healthier looking. knocks in a run, and the giants get a perfect 9th inning of relief out of sergio romo. one-2-3inning.
a place to call >>> out of control, that's how one san francisco supervisor describes public nudity in his district. heather holmes is live in the city that restricts where people can bare it all. >> reporter: scott weiner says his office has been flooded with complaints about the number of naked people that spend their day here at the castro's plaza. the back lack propertied the supervisor to call for a ban on disrobing in public. wearing only a baseball cap urbannudist sat back and took in the sun. >> reporter: and for those who find it offensive? >> get over it. that's all i have to say about it. >> reporter: the number of men in their birthday suits, crosses the line in public indecency. >> we have a nudist colony on market. it's gotten out of control. >> reporter: so much so that supervisor weiner wants to make it illegal to walk around nude. mom silva walks past the bare men every day to the bus op and says it's time they cover up. >> it's not just myself, it's little kids around here and it's inappropriate. >> reporter: the ban would not apply to festivals and parade such as the ful
for the second time in three years. >> the san francisco giants won three straight must-win games to vervive and advance -- survive and advance, this time to the world series. we'll check in in just a minute. first let's hear from the wet but very excited fans of the orange and black still celebrating tonight. >> we are here at third street and king street. we have a whole lot of them over in front of the ball park there, crowderred around -- crowded around the willie mays plaza. >> the game was awesome. it was beautiful and then the rain made it amazing. perfect night for a perfect city. go giants! >> they took it down to the very end. >> 3-1. they came back twice in a row. it's incredible. [overlapping speakers] >> well we've now made our way across the street to willie mays plaza, you can see people hanging out still and having a good time. certainly people are having a good time. for another place where we have some giants fans celebrating is over at mcivet cove. >> it was an awesome night here at the cove, unfortunately the fans have kind of died out out here, but you have to of course
the world champion san francisco giants. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. city officials tell us they expect 1 million people. but this time the ticketer parade falls on halloween. cara liu is live where the stage is set for a long celebration. >> reporter: a lot of preparations under way all day. night now even at this late hour a lot of excited fans wearing a lot of orange and black. even a dog wearing a panda costume in the crowd here. a bunch of people trying to take pictures and take it all in before tomorrow's frenzy. >> reporter: die-hard fans are already out here at city hall with blankets staking out a front row seat. >> i think to be a great view. i'm a season ticketholder. >> reporter: balloons and banners went up. workers spent the afternoon lining the parade rout with barriers and posting ho parking signs on and around market street. san francisco -- posting no parking signs on and around market street. >> we haven't had problems knock wood on halloween night for a while. >> reporter: officers will only have a few hours between is the parade and hal
. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and you can watch that debate live right here on ktvu channel 2 this wednesday. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by a special edition of ktvu news. >>> a new analysis shows a record 23.7 million latinos will be eligible to vote in the upcoming election. that is more than 20% from 2008. the hispanic research says that the turn out is usually smaller than that of whites and african americans about 50%. that could be because eligible latino voters are younger and fewer younger people vote. >>> and it was a hot day today. the hottest day of the week for sure. and certainly the hottest day in the last month or so. today was 101 in santa rosa that was the hot spot. 100 in livermore. 90 in hayward. things are going to cool down but it's a slow cool down especially starting tomorrow. how do i know this? look at the temperatures outside. 72degrees right now in downtown san francisco. no fog in site. 76 in concord. almost 80 degrees right now. it's coming up on 10:30 it's almost 80 degrees in san jose right now. with that said you
a look at evidence recovered from the car. >>> there is a new twist tonight in the case of san francisco sheriff. they are one of four supervisors who voted against the removal. today, kim suggested voters demand a recall in an e-mail to the constituents where they said that they have been, "greatly diminished" and they suggested that she would support a recall. the director said that any recall requires supporters to have 48,000 signatures or 10% of all registered voters. those signatures would have to be collected within 160 days. a special election would then be called or a recall could go before voters in next november's election. >>> we are learning more tonight about the suspect arrested during the protest in the district of san francisco late last night. a total of 19 people were taken into custody after protesters briefly took over a residential building as a part of the world home he is day demonstration. and of those arrested, 8 are from san francisco. four are from berkeley. five are from out of state. and 2 are from out of the country. the suspects, they are all facing felony
area. it was so backed up the san francisco fire department had to ask for help getting rescue teams to the scene. it is still very slow going. >>> only on 2 an update on a party bus accident that claimed the life of a santa cruz woman. an attorney for the parents of natasha nolan filed a suit today against the company. nolan was killed july 27th at los gatos. the 21-year-old woman was run over after the bus door somehow opened during a fight. >>> a pleasanton man is suing the two bay area law enforcement agencies that were involved. heather holmes has the story. >> reporter: the deputies are said to appear in court to answer charges that he abused his authority. this is the mega million dollar lawsuit outlining those allegations. the department has been down a deputy for more than three months after criminal charges were filed against ryan silcox. the 12 year veteran is accused of using his badge to help a woman locked in a nasty custody dispute. >> i do think they were conspiring. >> reporter: jeff huggins is respecting the father behind the custody battle. huggins charges that the
planned in st. louis today. first came the rain, then the loss. despite all that, san francisco fans have a sunny outlook for tomorrow. deborah? >> the 7th inning stretch became the 7th inning soaking. a three-hour rain delay. and bay area fans here at busch stadium hoped the pause might change the momentum but the score stayed the same to the end, 3-1 cardinals. >>> reporter: fireworks for the cardinals' victory where lightning had lit the sky before. >> they said you need to go undercover. so get out of this area. >> reporter: ushers warned the giants fans to leave. just the night before last, they were waving their towels for the win. now they're drowning in cardinal red and a downpour. >> we went to last night's game and it was gorgeous. no jackets or anything. >> it's going to be here in about 5 minutes. >> reporter: the seats were full of storm watching. as it arrive, ponchos came out. locals knew the tarp would be taking the field and everyone would swarm the concession. >> it might take a couple hours but we'll be back and we'll wipe our seats off and we'll win the game. >> report
of the world series. the san francisco giants will start their playoff series at home against the cincinnati reds. major league baseball has scheduled that game for saturday night. game 2 will also be played at at&t park on sunday. the division serious will then move to cincinnati. later in sports, the highlights from today's amazing a's game, as well as the giants season finale. >>> hundreds of jobs are being cut at santa clara based chip maker applied materials. the company made the announcement today saying from 900, to 1300 positions are being eliminated. that 6 to 9% of its global workforce. it's all part of a new restructuring plan, under which applied materials hopes to save between 140 and $190 million annually. >>> pg and e says it's moving 700 employees to san ramon. they announced the lease of a second business park there. pg and e says it wants to centralize staff, and increase collaboration, and coordination. a total of 1700 employees will now occupy the two pg and e buildings there. >> dozens of protesters marched to the chevron refinery in richmond to talk about their complain
channel 2. >> crowds packed san francisco tonight as first of major weekend events get underway. good evening. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. san francisco is gearing up to host a diverse set of events this weekend expected to attract a million people to the city. for anyone thinking of attending, there's a warning from officials, plan ahead and bring your patience. we have live team coverage. tell us about fleet week events. with begin with matt keller on the crush of people descending on the family. >> reporter: we're here at at&t park. expected to bring traffic to a standstill. >> performed for thousands of people in golden gate park to end the first day of the bluegrass festival. >> it was a huge event. been mellow. >> with events like this all across the city. the traffic will be anything but mellow. expecting a million visitors this weekend for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. cup races, castro street fair and playoff games. >> if anything else, take public transportation. >> police and transportation officials recommend you do the same. extra bart cars, buses, fer ees and taxi
if its trains are filled to capacity it will add extra service as needed. >>> san francisco police say they are also getting ready for the world series, police chief greg suhr tells us officers will be cracking down on drinking alcohol in public. >> so the options, especially bottles. so we'll be taking bottles, we'll be throwing them away, working with dpw to empty the dumpsters. >>> chief suhr says officers will be deployed in the mission as they were last night. others will be on broadway, chestnut and union streets and gary boulevard. and the chief says some officers will be held back just in case celebrations break out in other parts of the city. stay tuned to ktvu, in 20 minutes we'll go behind the scenes to see what it takes to put off a world series. and in a few minutes, scoring ticks ticks to the world series. how much are they going for. and if you don't have tickets you can always watch on >>> shark experts are saying it was most likely a great white shark that killed a 39-year-old rfoff the coast of santa barbara county. it is the second fatal shark attack off t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22